Das Bummeldaun-Syndrom (DBDS) – the stroll down syndrome

The smallest Brass Band in the World

What happens if you reduce a brass band in two voices and a drummer?
Exactly, it creates the smallest brass band in the world: “The Stroll Down Syndrome”, or “DBDS”!
If these three remaining musicians then also outstanding instrumentalists and soloists are,
then one may expect a concert with exceptional musical highlights and sound experiences.
The compositions that come exclusively from the pen of three gentlemen,
reflect the overall experience of their musical careers back.

Joachim Kunze – Trumpet – Flugelhorn

Has already made its appearance with many of their own projects:
Brass mission – the first pure jazz quintet;
Fire Horns – where he could live out his love for the high notes;
TzaWa – a solo project with programmed music and trumpet.
ORETAG – a sound creation for Trumpet, Organ and Percussion
a composition in which he mixes different styles, has been released by the label “TYXart” on CD.
For his compositions, he has received numerous awards, he has moved from various publishers notes.
He plays in various occupations, inter alia with the Rodgau Monotones, James Last, Fettes Brot,
and a variety of artists, including with Tomasz Stanko, Jürgen Wuchner, Ack van Rooyen, Conti Candoli, Albert Mangelsdorff.

Matthias Siegel – Tuba

The multi-instrumentalist impresses with its enormous Klangvielfallt and tonal range to the tuba.
With trumpet, trombone and tuba he plays in a variety of occupations,
ranging from duet to the big band and symphony orchestra.
Also on the Baroque trumpet, which he studied with Hannes Rux in Frankfurt
he has already made a name.

Kuno Wagner – drums

Is not only a great drummer, but also a guitarist.
He has also performed all Chapman stick and touch guitarist.
His concert career in jazz led him through Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and North America.
He is solo, or with tape to listen to the CD numerous publications.
To emphasize its kind by the band played melody lines gives the stroll down syndrome the unique touch.
DBDS DEMO in reduced quality

BBuB comp. Kuno Wagner

Bombelebom comp. Joachim J. K. Kunze

Calypso comp. Kuno Wagner

Dowlstick comp. Kuno Wagner

Herzeleid comp. Matthias Siegel

Hinneribber comp. Joachim J. K. Kunze

John Dell comp. Matthias Siegel

Novaestrum comp. Joachim J. K. Kunze

Tupe comp. Joachim J. K. Kunze

The stroll down syndrome, c / o Joachim Kunze, Hans Boeckler Str. 11, 61169 Friedberg, Germany
Tel: +496031-1660372, Mobile: +49151-15781603, email: jo@jo-kunze.de

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